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FIDO…. …a Latin name meaning “I am faithful.”

This afternoon I attended the closing ceremony of Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Conference in Las Vegas.  Our keynote speaker, Julie Castle, humbly shared from her heart the entire purpose of this conference lies with all of us in Rescue.  That we must find a way to bridge our differences and remember that all of us, do what we do for our animals.  If we all look for the solution instead of the problem we will become a no kill Nation in this decade.  And I believe her.  I am far from perfect, and still my Zsa Zsa, looks at me with her big round brown eyes with so much trust and faith, she is forever faithful to me.  I have other dogs and they too have complete faith in me, a human, that does not possess this angelic loyalty with abandon.  Nonetheless they love me with all my faults and conditions.  Julie Castle ended her talk with “fido” giving the latin definition, I am faithful.  Yes, you are my unconditional canine friends, yes you are.  Thank you Best Friends for making it possible for us to attend this amazing conference.  ~Sounds of Silent Spirits

Board member Sam Patterson and Puppy Mill rescue Boo

Soss Attends NMHP

This weekend soss adoption coordinator, Melissa, is attending the No More Homeless Pets conference hosted by the Best Friends Animal Society.


ImageThe conference is a great opportunity to learn about the best practices in animal rescue.  The conference started off with a great workshop about cat adoptions (is there anything more difficult?).  The workshops are great.  One piece of advice was to make the adoption form multiple choice to keep people from trying to tell you what you want to hear.

In the evening Melissa stopped by the tweet-up and got to put faces to our hastag heroes. If you don’t follow us on twitter check us out  @sossrescue.


Adoption coordinator Melissa and Gregory Castle, executive dir. of Best Friends

As we look forward to the next 2 days of the conference we are excited about what we can learn and the support we can find here.  It is clear that all of the people here care deeply about animals, coming together like this helps make the support in the community visible.  Thank you Best friends for putting this conference together and providing a partial sponsorship for our rescue.