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Valentine Feeling Good

Please share her story. The love and support of the community has saved this life.

Valentine in the Sunshine of LOVE


Good Day Everyone! 

Our precious Valentine is basking in the Sunshine. Look at her progress.  More to share later today.  Thank you Regene for starting Sounds of Silent Spirits so Valentine and all the rescues before her and after will find what real LOVE is. ~Melissa

New Valentine Video

Valentine is so well cared for.  Thank you for all of your support.

Video of Valentine

Good Morning All. Valentine is trudging along in her long recover. We have had some amazing Organizations and private parties show interest in adopting Valentine. Until we know our Valentine is ready for her new forever we fell that it’s jumping the gun. We have earmarked all the interested parties but please continue to ask. It will be weeks if not months before this can be addressed. All this outpouring of love for her helps all of us that care for her. ~ Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue and Sanctuary Volunteers