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Valentine’s Day Approaches

HELLO EVERYONE! Two days away from our event. The weather will be mild and we have a very shaded, green, beautiful venue to host our Valentine’s Day Event this Saturday June 9th at Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley. Please come and share this information with all your friends. I included photo of park. It’s even better than this photo. Music, food, door prizes, animals, trainers, other rescues, will all be there for you to enjoy. All dogs must be on leashes. Valentine is looking forward to meeting all of you. ~sounds of silent spirits

Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley

Valentine has been too busy enjoying her new leg to notice, but she is making the news again.

Check out Valentine in the Sun Newspaper today.  Thank you so much Michel Nolan, you are a wonderful supporter of our organization.

Justice for all abused animals

Although we are all outraged by the out come of Valentine’s Criminal and circumstances around the decision, LET us focus on getting the laws changed so the court system can do a better job when they catch animal Abusers. So I am asking you to think about helping us get the laws changed for convicting them properly. We need Folks that have some expertise to help us. I have been given so wonderful sources on Attorneys. But if you can volunteer and help guide us as we have never done anything like this we need you knowledge. And you don’t even have to live near by. Let’s focus our outrage to the top instead of the bottom. Below is Governor Brown’s info as well as all other government representatives. This is where we need to focus our energy. I can be contacted at our email: attn: Melissa

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

State Senators:
George Runner
Victorville City Hall,
14343 Civic Drive, First Floor,
Victorville, CA 92392

Fax (760)843-8348

Representative for State Assembly district 36
Steve Knight (R)
Capitol Office,
747 W. Lancaster Blvd,
Lancaster, CA 92534
State Capitol, Room 5158,
P.O.Box 942849,
Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax (916)319-2136
Fax (760)723-6307

San Bernardino County
Brad Mitzelfelt
11600 Air Expressway,
Adelanto, CA 92301

THANK YOU for this amazing prosthetic. Finally our Miss Valentine can walk like other doggies! Isn’t she amazing! Earlier I posted a photo of her at the Omya invite, and you can see that now she has no cast and that her amputated leg is now sporting a state-of-the-art prosthetic. We are very happy for Valentine. NO MORE LIMPING. Come and see her Saturday June 9th and share the love of Valentine.

Fundraising Update

As of today (Feb. 18, 2012), just a week after Valentine came to us, thousands of messages of support and over 600 donations have poured in, thank you very much. Your kindness is humbling.

There is such an outpouring of support; it’s hard to know how much money will be raised, or what it will cost for Valentine’s vet bills and longer term care. If we raise more money than Valentine needs, we will use donations to help the community of animals we have rescued who are currently living with us and any new abuse cases. The Majority of our sanctuary animals came to us severely injured by abuse, by farm equipment, or vehicle. These Sanctuary animals are in a different Class than our rescue as they will live their precious lives with in our protected haven.

Of course, if you’ve specifically requested that we use your donation only for Valentine, it has been ear-marked as such. You can find the most recent updates on how Valentine is doing at our website: we are also posting updates on our Facebook page, find us there under Sounds of Silent Spirits, like our page and stay up to date as this dog continues her journey of healing. Again, thanks to all of you for your love and support. As you can imagine this has been very emotional for all our Volunteers at Sounds of Silent Spirits.

Valentine’s story is one that gives us all hope because a community has stood up and said that this dog will not be lost to human cruelty. We are the guardians, they are the angels. Please share valentine’s story.

Valentine Update

Our precious Valentine is doing ok. She is exhibiting the equivalent of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder now. She is resting comfortably but sedated. The professionals at Bear Valley Vet Hospital are appropriately addressing her trauma and so are we. Valentine will needs much rehabilitation and all your LOVE in the next months to years. All of us at Sounds of Silent Spirits are so heartened by your outpouring of support. Unfortunately this is not our first Pit Bull abuse case so we are adept at this, but emotionally it tears at us.

This is the first time we have had so much moral and financial support and we are so very grateful. ~sounds of silent spirits volunteers.

Valentine is doing well

Valentine came through her surgery to amputate her right paw yesterday afternoon. She is still heavily sedated but recovering quite well. She was fitted for her prosthetic this morning!!!! But it will be awhile before she can wear it; healing is essential. She will be fitted by OrthoPets. WE will keep all of you updated on “Valentine’s” progress. Sincerely, Sounds of Silent Spirits.

Valentine has a comfy bed and even new blankets!