Fundraising Update

As of today (Feb. 18, 2012), just a week after Valentine came to us, thousands of messages of support and over 600 donations have poured in, thank you very much. Your kindness is humbling.

There is such an outpouring of support; it’s hard to know how much money will be raised, or what it will cost for Valentine’s vet bills and longer term care. If we raise more money than Valentine needs, we will use donations to help the community of animals we have rescued who are currently living with us and any new abuse cases. The Majority of our sanctuary animals came to us severely injured by abuse, by farm equipment, or vehicle. These Sanctuary animals are in a different Class than our rescue as they will live their precious lives with in our protected haven.

Of course, if you’ve specifically requested that we use your donation only for Valentine, it has been ear-marked as such. You can find the most recent updates on how Valentine is doing at our website: we are also posting updates on our Facebook page, find us there under Sounds of Silent Spirits, like our page and stay up to date as this dog continues her journey of healing. Again, thanks to all of you for your love and support. As you can imagine this has been very emotional for all our Volunteers at Sounds of Silent Spirits.

Valentine’s story is one that gives us all hope because a community has stood up and said that this dog will not be lost to human cruelty. We are the guardians, they are the angels. Please share valentine’s story.

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