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Valentine’s One Year Anniversary

We want celebrate Valentine’s successes with you.  Our one year anniversary present to you is this collection of smiles and love from Valentine.  Please share this page and encourage your friends to support the work of Sounds of Silent Spirits clicking the donate button on the right.


valentine and Pastor Lili Bush

Valentine’s Day Approaches

HELLO EVERYONE! Two days away from our event. The weather will be mild and we have a very shaded, green, beautiful venue to host our Valentine’s Day Event this Saturday June 9th at Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley. Please come and share this information with all your friends. I included photo of park. It’s even better than this photo. Music, food, door prizes, animals, trainers, other rescues, will all be there for you to enjoy. All dogs must be on leashes. Valentine is looking forward to meeting all of you. ~sounds of silent spirits

Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley

Valentine has been too busy enjoying her new leg to notice, but she is making the news again.

Check out Valentine in the Sun Newspaper today.  Thank you so much Michel Nolan, you are a wonderful supporter of our organization.

New Valentine Video

Valentine is so well cared for.  Thank you for all of your support.

Valentine Update

Our precious Valentine is doing ok. She is exhibiting the equivalent of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder now. She is resting comfortably but sedated. The professionals at Bear Valley Vet Hospital are appropriately addressing her trauma and so are we. Valentine will needs much rehabilitation and all your LOVE in the next months to years. All of us at Sounds of Silent Spirits are so heartened by your outpouring of support. Unfortunately this is not our first Pit Bull abuse case so we are adept at this, but emotionally it tears at us.

This is the first time we have had so much moral and financial support and we are so very grateful. ~sounds of silent spirits volunteers.

Valentine is doing well

Valentine came through her surgery to amputate her right paw yesterday afternoon. She is still heavily sedated but recovering quite well. She was fitted for her prosthetic this morning!!!! But it will be awhile before she can wear it; healing is essential. She will be fitted by OrthoPets. WE will keep all of you updated on “Valentine’s” progress. Sincerely, Sounds of Silent Spirits.

Valentine has a comfy bed and even new blankets!