Valentine Update

Our precious Valentine is doing ok. She is exhibiting the equivalent of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder now. She is resting comfortably but sedated. The professionals at Bear Valley Vet Hospital are appropriately addressing her trauma and so are we. Valentine will needs much rehabilitation and all your LOVE in the next months to years. All of us at Sounds of Silent Spirits are so heartened by your outpouring of support. Unfortunately this is not our first Pit Bull abuse case so we are adept at this, but emotionally it tears at us.

This is the first time we have had so much moral and financial support and we are so very grateful. ~sounds of silent spirits volunteers.

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  1. I am so heartened that Valentine has had her surgery and is getting her prosthetic…a big yay to that! Thank you to all of you who tirelessly care for animals like Valentine. I truly believe that there was so much outpouring for Valentine…our beloved Valentine because of facebook and other forms of internet exposure. I first saw this on FB on a friends wall and I then shared it with all my friends and I donated and at least one friend donated money as well.

    I come in here to get an update everyday 😉 so thank you for keeping us updated. I will send lots of prayers and healing energy to Valentine this week in meditation. I pray that we create a world where every animal is safe, loved and protected. Love to you all. May you be blessed in your lives for bringing so much healing to the world by looking after our animal counterparts

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