Valentine is doing well

Valentine came through her surgery to amputate her right paw yesterday afternoon. She is still heavily sedated but recovering quite well. She was fitted for her prosthetic this morning!!!! But it will be awhile before she can wear it; healing is essential. She will be fitted by OrthoPets. WE will keep all of you updated on “Valentine’s” progress. Sincerely, Sounds of Silent Spirits.

Valentine has a comfy bed and even new blankets!

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  1. Roma-Dakini Belladonna

    I just love her. I am so delighted to know that so many people responded to her needs. Valentine is a true angel. She brings joy into my heart and motivates me to help other pit bulls. Because of pitties like her, my work for them never ends. May she be blessed with joy and light.
    Roma-Dakini Belladonna

    • Hi Roma – I always feel helpless and disempowered when I hear stories of such intense cruelty towards animals. But in this case, I felt empowered, that I could help by sharing Valentine’s story with my facebook friends and donating. Its the best feeling! So grateful for the hospital for being such powerful lightworkers. I love the name of this websites because it reminds me of what my grandmother used to say…she used to say “that animals do not have a voice” so when they are suffering they suffer in silence too and that breaks my heart.

      • Roma-Dakini Belladonna

        I try to think positive. We have saved so many pit bulls. Happy heart keeps my mind happy. Negativity makes me usless. Valentine is our joy and love. We did it again 🙂 🙂 🙂
        ASPCA says: “we are their voice”

      • I stay in the LOVE. I refuse to be consumed by the ugliness of others as well.
        Thank you Roma for your support. ~Melissa

  2. Thanks Roma…Happy hearts and happy minds makes a happy world. We are their voice…all of us 😉

  3. OrthoPets is an incredible company, and the staff is very caring. My 2 year old, four pound Yorkie lost his right front paw in December, and he has a prosthetic from OrthoPets. My little boy is running around and playing as though he never lost his paw. My heart breaks for the torture Valentine endured. The monsters may have broken her bones, but they could not touch her soul and determination to live. God Bless the helpless animals.

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