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Valentine’s Day a Community Success

Thank you to all our fellow animal rescuers who came out and supported our common alliances on educating our Children how to recognize and combat animal abuse.
Forever Wild, AWAKHEN, Wee Bar None, Wolf Mountain, and  Ginger Miller.

2013 VDJ Sheree's Daughter with her doggies 2013 VDJ Rescue Volunteer with Ginger 2013 VDJ Tutor 2013 VDJ wee bar none 2013 VDJ Wolf Mountian 2


Valentine invites you JUNE 1st Saturday

All of us at Sounds of Silent Spirits Animal Rescue invite you to our 2nd annual Valentine’s Day in June Event this Saturday 11 to 3pm at Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley CA.  A day filled with fun, animals, education, food, and Valentine!  And check out Valentine’s new Kissing Photo Booth to help us raise a funds and for you to take home a photo of you and Valentine.

4th kissing photo booth

Lucerne Valley Elementry School Contest


We at Sounds of Silent Spirits animal rescue are proud to be participating in Lucerne Valley’s Elementary School Spring Fling this coming Thursday evening.  We will be there to promote a poster and coloring contest to help spread the word about animal abuse prevention.  The winners will be awarded one of our Valentine’s Day in June Event T-shirts and all participants will be recognized at our 2nd Valentine’s Day in June on Saturday June 1st 2013. 


Valentine’s One Year Anniversary

We want celebrate Valentine’s successes with you.  Our one year anniversary present to you is this collection of smiles and love from Valentine.  Please share this page and encourage your friends to support the work of Sounds of Silent Spirits clicking the donate button on the right.


valentine and Pastor Lili Bush

Valentine’s New Year Resolution

Valentine is doing really good.  She walks like a pro with her new prosthetic, and swims like dog with her life vest on.  If she has any memories of the evil that nearly killed her she doesn’t let on. Her spirit and resolve to believe all people are good amazes us all here at Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue.  Recently she has helped one of our new rescue Pit Bull Terrier adjust to her new life.  Valentine reassures Christmas Angel that at least some humans truly love her and won’t hurt her.  Valentine is a beautiful reminder that we can change the world with just a simple act of kindness instead of selfishness.  We like to believe that Valentine’s New Year Resolution is to remind us of that.  Happy New Year everyone.Valentine and Christmas Angel                                                                                                                     Left to right: Christmas Angel, Chuck and Valentine.

This Holiday Adopt your new Pet

Do I Go Home Today?CIMG0563

By Sandi Thompson ~

My family brought me home
cradled in their arms.
They cuddled me and smiled at me,
and said I was full of charm.

They played with me and laughed with me,
they showered me with toys.
I sure do love my family
especially the girls and boys.

The children loved to feed me, CIMG0218
they gave me special treats.
They even let me sleep with them
all snuggled in the sheets.

I used to go for walks,
often several times a day.
They even fought to hold my leash,
I’m very proud to say.

These are things I’ll never forget
a cherished memory.
I now live in a shelter
without my family.

They used to laugh and praise me
when I played with that old shoe.
But I didn’t know the difference
between the old ones and the new.

The kids and I would grab a rag
for hours we would tug.
So I thought I did the right thing
when I chewed the bathroom rug.  CIMG0343

They said that I was out of control,
and would have to live outside.
This I did not understand
although I tried and tried.

The walks stopped, one by one;
they said they hadn’t time.
I wish that I could change things,
I wish I knew my crime.  image005

My life became so lonely,
in the back yard on a chain.
I barked and barked all day long
to keep from going insane.

So they brought me to the shelter
but were embarrassed to say why.
They said I caused an allergy,
and then, kissed me goodbye.

If I’d only had some classes,
as a little pup
I wouldn’t have been so hard to handle
when I was all grown up.

“You only have one day left,” face
I heard the worker say.
Does this mean a second chance?
Do I go home today?

Thanks to all the Sponsors of Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to all the Sponsors of Valentine’s Day!


The Butcher Block, Lucerne Valley

Round Table Pizza, Apple Valley

DeSilva Construction, Lucerne Valley

Margy P., Apple Valley

USA Septic, Lucerne Valley

Napa Auto Parts, Lucerne Valley

Dog House Groomers, Lucerne Valley

Beck Oil, Lucerne Valley

Bear Valley Animal Hospital, Apple Valley

Coyote Loco, Lucerne Valley

Country Styles, Lucerne Valley

Stalone Pizza, Lucerne Valley

Adelita’s Mexican Food, Lucerne Valley

Joe’s, Lucerne Valley

RedHead Motorsports, Lucerne Valley

G+G Auto, Lucerne Valley

China House, Lucerne Valley

Star Light Video , Lucerne Valley

Smoke Break, Lucerne Valley

Letty’s, Lucerne Valley

Smoke Club 21, Lucerne Valley

Geno’s Tire, Lucerne Valley

Valentine’s Day Approaches

HELLO EVERYONE! Two days away from our event. The weather will be mild and we have a very shaded, green, beautiful venue to host our Valentine’s Day Event this Saturday June 9th at Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley. Please come and share this information with all your friends. I included photo of park. It’s even better than this photo. Music, food, door prizes, animals, trainers, other rescues, will all be there for you to enjoy. All dogs must be on leashes. Valentine is looking forward to meeting all of you. ~sounds of silent spirits

Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley

Valentine has been too busy enjoying her new leg to notice, but she is making the news again.

Check out Valentine in the Sun Newspaper today.  Thank you so much Michel Nolan, you are a wonderful supporter of our organization.

Justice for all abused animals

Although we are all outraged by the out come of Valentine’s Criminal and circumstances around the decision, LET us focus on getting the laws changed so the court system can do a better job when they catch animal Abusers. So I am asking you to think about helping us get the laws changed for convicting them properly. We need Folks that have some expertise to help us. I have been given so wonderful sources on Attorneys. But if you can volunteer and help guide us as we have never done anything like this we need you knowledge. And you don’t even have to live near by. Let’s focus our outrage to the top instead of the bottom. Below is Governor Brown’s info as well as all other government representatives. This is where we need to focus our energy. I can be contacted at our email: attn: Melissa

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

State Senators:
George Runner
Victorville City Hall,
14343 Civic Drive, First Floor,
Victorville, CA 92392

Fax (760)843-8348

Representative for State Assembly district 36
Steve Knight (R)
Capitol Office,
747 W. Lancaster Blvd,
Lancaster, CA 92534
State Capitol, Room 5158,
P.O.Box 942849,
Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax (916)319-2136
Fax (760)723-6307

San Bernardino County
Brad Mitzelfelt
11600 Air Expressway,
Adelanto, CA 92301

THANK YOU for this amazing prosthetic. Finally our Miss Valentine can walk like other doggies! Isn’t she amazing! Earlier I posted a photo of her at the Omya invite, and you can see that now she has no cast and that her amputated leg is now sporting a state-of-the-art prosthetic. We are very happy for Valentine. NO MORE LIMPING. Come and see her Saturday June 9th and share the love of Valentine.

High Desert Daily Press Shares Valentine’s Story

Today the High Desert Daily Press ran this story about Valentine.  PLease click through to the paper, read and leave a comment.  Let;s keep the pressure on the local press to find the “person” responsible.