Video of Valentine

Good Morning All. Valentine is trudging along in her long recover. We have had some amazing Organizations and private parties show interest in adopting Valentine. Until we know our Valentine is ready for her new forever we fell that it’s jumping the gun. We have earmarked all the interested parties but please continue to ask. It will be weeks if not months before this can be addressed. All this outpouring of love for her helps all of us that care for her. ~ Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue and Sanctuary Volunteers

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  1. She must be in so much pain. Will her paws be able to be saved?
    Would an apparatus that lifts her front legs benefit her? Like a reverse wheel chair.Thank you for giving her the expert care she needs and so deserves. Kym

    • She is a real trooper and has minimal to no pain because Dr. Velasco is prescribing the necessary
      medication for pain and for infection. She has come such a long way in the past three works it
      is mind blowing how fast she is healing. With all the love and attention she gets at the Bear
      Valley Vet. Hosp. in Apple Valley she is so happy. She is blissfully happy. REALLY!
      Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. ~Melissa

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