101 things to do with your dog.

Finding things to do with your dog is important, and finding new things to do can take some extra time. Like kids, dogs become bored easily and can turn to undesirable behavior to relieve that boredom. Doing fun activities together not only strengthens your bond, but also provides physical and mental stimulation that will make your pet happy and less prone to mischief.

Here’s a list of 101 things to do with your dog:

dog in mud

  1. Go on a walking tour of your city.
  2. Throw your dog a birthday bash.
  3. Go shopping together in a pet-friendly store.
  4. Plan an overnight camping trip.
  5. Enjoy the simple pleasure of driving with the windows open or the top down.
  6. Dress up for Halloween and go trick-or-treating …
  7. … or take part in a Halloween pet parade.
  8. Curl up together for an afternoon nap.
  9. Play a game of hide-and-seek.kobe-wan-gourd-4
  10. Take a road trip and visit a new city.
  11. Go to the beach and splash in the surf.
  12. Enjoy a day of swimming and exploring at the lake.
  13. Treat your dog to a spa day.
  14. Visit an off-leash dog park where your dog can romp with other dogs.
  15. Make a doggie playdate with a friend’s dog.
  16. Go on a bike ride together.
  17. Better yet, go bikejoring.
  18. Take your dog on a boat ride — and don’t forget the doggie life jacket.
  19. Go on a scenic wilderness hike.
  20. Give your dog a mani-pedi.
  21. Book a doga session and put a new spin on downward dog pose.
  22. Go for a run or jog together.
  23. Try rollerblading.
  24. Visit a wide-open field to let your dog run off leash and chase squirrels.
  25. Visit a pumpkin patch together.
  26. Snuggle up together in your favorite spot — just you and the dog — and relax.
  27. Sing to your dog. (He might try to sing with you!)
  28. Hold your dog while you dance.
  29. Better yet, try a canine freestyle routine, set to music.
  30. Play in the sprinklers.


    Board member Sam Patterson and Puppy Mill rescue Boo

  31. Play in the leaves.
  32. Frolic in the snow.
  33. Splash in puddles after the rain.
  34. Teach your dog a new trick.
  35. Play nose work games together.
  36. Play fetch.
  37. See if your dog can catch treats that you throw before they hit the ground.
  38. Fling a Frisbee to your dog.
  39. Chase each other and play tag.
  40. Play keep-away with a favorite toy.
  41. Play tug-of-war with an old sock.
  42. Eat on the patio at a dog-friendly restaurant.
  43. Go fishing together and put your dog in charge of guarding the bait.
  44. Go on a canoe trip.
  45. Visit a nursing home or hospital and cheer up patients.
  46. Take obedience classes to help your dog be a good citizen.
  47. Take an agility training class …
  48. … and then create a backyard obstacle course to practice what you’ve learned.
  49. Practice patience by balancing treats on your pet’s nose.
  50. Blow bubbles for your dog to chase.
  51. Take a day trip to visit friends or family.
  52. Go for a walk in the park with the whole family.
  53. Have a photo shoot and make your dog the star.Valentine in pool
  54. Make a silhouette portrait of your dog.
  55. Draw or paint your dog’s picture.
  56. Use finger paint and a canvas to unleash your dog’s inner Jackson Pollock.
  57. Wrestle with your dog. Just be sure to adjust the level of roughhousing to your dog’s size and temperament.
  58. Walk around your neighborhood and try to make doggie friends.
  59. Go on a dog-friendly cruise.
  60. Visit a national park.
  61. Take a trip to New York and stay in a posh hotel.
  62. Watch the Puppy Bowl together.
  63. Host your own backyard Puppy Bowl.
  64. Make homemade ice cream.
  65. Visit Starbucks and treat your dog to a Puppuccino.
  66. Let kids read to your (very calm) dog at the library.
  67. Make a puzzle for your dog to solve.
  68. Learn to surf together.
  69. Train to be a therapy dog team.
  70. Volunteer at an animal shelter and let your pup be an adoption ambassador.
  71. Go geocaching together.
  72. Learn to skateboard.
  73. Pay a visit to Doggywood.
  74. Jump on a trampoline.
  75. Order food at a drive-in restaurant.
  76. Make pupcicles to stay cool on a hot day.
  77. Go fly a kite together.
  78. Join a flyball team.
  79. Catch an Atlanta Braves game during their annual Bark in the Park event.
  80. Talk to your dog to build her vocabulary.
  81. Work on your clicker training skills. (Check out A Guide to Clicker Training for Dogs for a how-to.)
  82. Go for search and rescue training and certification.
  83. Give your dog a massage.
  84. Go dog sledding — you don’t even need snow!
  85. Make grooming time bonding time.
  86. Use toys to make bath time fun.
  87. Make homemade dog treats.
  88. Visit a winery that loves dogs.
  89. Learn canine CPR and first aid.
  90. Build sand sculptures at the beach. Let your dog tear them down.
  91. Take a trip to the world’s biggest pet store.
  92. Make paw print stepping stones.
  93. Take your dog to the office.
  94. Enjoy a stay at a pet-friendly bed & breakfast.
  95. Take an RV trip along Route 66 and find plenty of dog-friendly attractions and amenities along the way.
  96. Go to an outdoor concert.
  97. Introduce your dog to the joys of a ball pit.
  98. Cap off the day by vegging out together with your favorite dog-centric movie.
  99. Play a game of “Which hand?” to test your dog’s sense of smell.
  100. Play a piano duet.
  101. Read to your dog.valentine with gram cracker

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