San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. made an arrest of a minor in the horrific abuse case of our Valentine. We are absolutely ecstatic about this news.
We hope that this is the person who tortured our Valentine. We know that the District Attorney is working very hard to prepare a case and conviction.
Thank you to our entire Community in the High Desert and through our the world who helped us make this news worthy. We are humbled by the outpouring of your concern and support. ~sounds of silent spirits volunteers, director, and Founders.

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  1. Please post (Valentines Abuser aka “IT”)this BEASTS Picture and IT’s name and Location where IT was found. The world needs to remember and know the face of this PSCHOTIC FREAK. Please keep us posted on the punishment IT will receive-which will NEVER be enough for what IT did to that sweet liitle girl. We would like to know the name of the rescue group who posted the $5000.00 reward for IT’s capture. We’d like to give our Thanks to this group. We also would have liked to post their collection for the reward on our site and would have liked to Help in aquiring donations. Pls let us know.Thank you.

  2. This news has made my day. Thank you EVERYONE for your help in finding The twisted person who did this. Keep healing Valentine. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you Sounds of Silent Spirits for all you have done to keep us informed and the love and hard work you have shared to help Valentine. And a big thank you to the Vets
    and Vet tech. for their undying dedication and hard work in helping Valentine.

  3. thank god! i really hope that the person that did this act is punished to the max. there needs to be a evaluation of stabilty in this person. all i can say is God is Good,he answers prayers.thanks to facebook for all the support across the world for valentine.please keep me posted.

    • Sorry for the delay of response Sandra. We almost thought the arrest would fall through but other witnesses did come forward! We will keep all of Valentine’s supporters updated when new info arises. Thank you so much for your support.

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