Valentine and best pal Gizmo

Summer evenings are finally cooling down so hanging out next to each other is fun. Valentine’s and her best pal Gizmo, another rescue, find much comfort in each others company. Lounging together on a their new bed watching Regene and Chuck working hard.

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  1. Maryann Koziel Johnson

    omg, so wonderful to see Valentine looking so beautiful. I was going thru emails and came across her horrible “before” pictures. Thought I’d try and find out how she was doing these days. Hugs, Maryann

  2. Wow,Valentine came such a long way,im so happy that she has a little friend.Thanks to all the people that supported the cause to help make her better.ya know what makes me so anrgy? It makes me crazy when people judge all pits as being bad.Here is a perfect case,Valentine was not only abused,But left for dead,And look how calm and loving she is? It makes me so very happy that she is safe,healthly and has someone wonderful giving her a loving home.

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