Valentine’s New Year Resolution

Valentine is doing really good.  She walks like a pro with her new prosthetic, and swims like dog with her life vest on.  If she has any memories of the evil that nearly killed her she doesn’t let on. Her spirit and resolve to believe all people are good amazes us all here at Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue.  Recently she has helped one of our new rescue Pit Bull Terrier adjust to her new life.  Valentine reassures Christmas Angel that at least some humans truly love her and won’t hurt her.  Valentine is a beautiful reminder that we can change the world with just a simple act of kindness instead of selfishness.  We like to believe that Valentine’s New Year Resolution is to remind us of that.  Happy New Year everyone.Valentine and Christmas Angel                                                                                                                     Left to right: Christmas Angel, Chuck and Valentine.

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  1. thanks to all the wonderful loving peoplein the world that not only donated for her recovery,thanks to the people that gave her love,affection and rehab while in thier care.May God bless all of you.

  2. VALENTINE!!!!!!! Ur a strong and adorable pittie and I’m so happy that you made it; I have tears of joy for you! I know that Christmas Angel will be amazing with the guidance of Valentine and the Sounds of Silent I have worried about Valentine since she was dragged behind a car and lost her leg and almost her life last February. I want to thank for all that you do!

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