My Doggie has spring Allergies too!


Well it’s that time of year when both my Pitty, Kismet, and Boxer, Gwendolina, get their Spring red belly.   The spring pollens even reach us out here in the high desert.  I am not sure why Kismet and Gwendy’s allergies manifest on their bellies but they do.  I suggest regular weekly bathing or at least a daily washcloth cleaning with mild dog shampoo and rinsing.  I recently discovered giving them Benadryl twice daily really did the trick.  I stress that you should have the rash checked out by your DVM before treating with anything other than bathing.  But once it’s confirmed that the rash is allergy related and not something else, the use of Benadryl can be very effective.  Always ask your DVM for instructions on usage and dosage.  Have a safe and fun spring with your Doggie. ~melissa

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