Over the counter flea and Tick topicals


I learned this week how important it is to only use DVM recommended flea treatments.  I had to take my two beloved French Bulldogs in for poisoning from a Sergeant Flea and Tick topical.  Both dogs became very ill, one was vomiting and the other became crazy hyper active.  Luckily I instinctively bathed them scrubbing off what was left of the topical I had applied around their ears and tail area.  Then took them to my personal Veterinarian, and they did a 24 hour IV drip recommended by poison control to detoxify their organs. This is truly the best measure for no further problems that could occur by the poisoning.  When the Vet Tech looked on line she found many warnings by all kinds of cat and dog owners who had horrible experiences as well. I am usually so pro active with products and foods before I use them.  I am fortunate that this experience didn’t end badly.  I learned A VERY SCARY lesson this week, I will never to give my pets anything but Frontline or Advantage products, Bio is also approved by my Veterinarian. Beware and take care.  ~Melissa


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