A burst of happiness for Thumbelina

I actually slept in this morning, a rarity around this ranch.  But I awoke in the same manner as usual, my feet hit the floor running.  There is an order to who and what happens.  Today our guest Sorbet, a cream frenchie, is lead out into the dog room to greet our other beloved dogs, as I open each of their crate doors they bestow me with kisses, wagging tails and a quick rub.  Out the door into their ample yard to do their business and repose in the warm sun.  Back inside I go, a quick hello to Zsa Zsa who is still in our bed slowly waking up. She snorts back. To the Living-room I go to wake Cowboy opening his crate, he turns around to face me and stretches a moment before he goes into  I have an important date mode, which is to the sun filled drapes which he loves to slowly walk through.  Followed by a torso side drop on the carpet to rub himself then the other side is done then over on to his back for the darn this feels great wiggle rub.  At this point Zsa Zsa has joined Cowboy in the sun-filled living room to watch my morning hustle.   Next is letting in the Barn cat who is  a well trained boy who spends the day inside with our other cats after a night of rodent hunting.

Head shot of Thumbelina week threeNow mind you this entire business takes about three to four minutes before I get to our precious Thumbelina.  I remove her privacy cover and there she is standing and wagging her tail for her morning potty time. Although she can stand she can’t walk as of yet because the atrophy in her rear legs and thighs. Diligent physical therapy consisting of ball core work, cart walking and hydro therapy is needed to built back her muscles so she can properly support her frame, so the sling and cart are still very much needed in the weeks to come.

I now have to tell her to wait and stay when I open her crate as she is feeling better and tries to walk because she can stand. I snatch her up and put her in her walking sling set her down and off to the races we go!  She dutifully waits at the door until I open it and then she pulls me out to the porch and down the two steps to her favorite tinkle place.  A long pause then off to her other favorite place to do her pooping.  It’s a lovely sunny morning, the birds are chirping and because it’s Sunday it’s especially quiet in our neighborhood.  Thumbelina pulls me along by her amazing Hulk like upper body strength for quick trip around the car stopping at each door hoping for a car ride.  She loves her car rides.  But I tell her no lets go inside so with that commands she eagerly pulls me through the yard to the porch and through the open front door into the house.  At her crate she stops instead of going inside.  I say crate and she looks up at me and moves with happiness.  I look around to see where my other Frenchies are, no sign of them, so I scoop her up and we sit on the couch.  thumbelina getting a rub

Although we have done this massage everyday for three weeks Thumbelina’s transformation is one of joy!   I am massaging her back and sides she is rubbing her head into my thighs and looking up at me, and mouthing my hands and repeating all these wonderful gestures of happiness.  This is a first for this. Today marks her three weeks with me and her seeming awareness that she will walk again astounds me.  Her apparent gratitude should be par for the course as I see it with our other rescued abused dogs all the time, it’s just a wonderful surprise with her.  Thumbelina has been dutifully compliant, well behaved, sweet and patient.  None of this lovey goofy behavior. I am a seasoned foster for abused animals but I am glad to report I still feel absolute elation when the transformation happens. This morning I saw that burst of true happiness in our Thumbelina.

Well, I have many more chores to perform this morning but I just had to stop and share this burst of love with you.


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