Happy Birthday Sweet Valentine!

Three years ago Regene got a call from Dale at restingvalat Omya plant that he found a really messed up dog stumbling on the railroad tracks.  That was the first day that his girl graced our lives and the lives of all those who have loved her, helped her, supported her, went to bat to find and convict the person who tortured her,  and those of you who still follow her on social media.   Valentine is happy, joyous and seems to never live in the past.  Thanks for all your love and commitment to her and others like her. ~S.O.S.S.

Valentine in pool cropped-valentine-with-gram-cracker.jpg valentine and wheaty in the snow with Nestle Valentine in finished kissing photo booth valentine on March 1 2013 Valentines life is filled with lots of love, care, and friends.  Chuck and Regene make sure everyday is a glorious day for this very special girl.

valentinesitpic Valentine and napping Daddy valentine and Pastor Lili Bush Regene, Pastor Bush and Valentine

September and Valentine is now 18 months old now.  She is really enjoying her new life with our Founder Regene and her Husband Chuck.  As you can see that she is really Chuck's Valentine.  Although Valentine doesn't really swim, she enjoys floating around in the pool.  Of course she has her safety life vest that makes this possible.  All of us as Sounds of Silent Spirits wants to thank all you support Valentine and our rescue efforts for all animals in need.

THANK YOU www.orthopets.com for this amazing prosthetic. Finally our Miss Valentine can walk like other doggies! Isn't she amazing! Earlier I posted a photo of her at the Omya invite, and you can see that now she has no cast and that her amputated leg is now sporting a state-of-the-art prosthetic. We are very happy for Valentine. NO MORE LIMPING. Come and see her Saturday June 9th and share the love of Valentine.

valentine posting for May 25 2012 valentine 4-3-12 toy time valentine 4-9-12 couch potato

Valentine has come a very long way from that horrible experience that she escaped from.   CIMG0366 Valentinebluepaw

Briget administering ointment on Valentines Abrasion


It took a village world wide to save this girl and we appreciate all your donations and love.

Valentine has a comfy bed and even new blankets!

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