Chew toy time for Thumbelina

I was doing the bedtime dog chores and one of them is potty time for Thumbelina. I put her in her cart and she races me to the door, I open it and out we go. When we came back in side she surprised me as she went for the chewy toy on the floor that Zsa Zsa or Cowboy had been chewing on earlier. This is a first. She did her best as she stood in her cart, grasping onto the Nylabone Wishbone chew with her front paws as she gnawed on the worn toy. I finally interrupted by asking if she wanted some love time. Of course she scurried over and I unlatched her cart and picked her up and we sat on the sofa while I scratched her head and massaged her back. Tonight her right leg responded to the thigh scratch, do you know that one? It’s where you scratch the length-side of the thigh and their leg extends. Well her leg extended and she looked up at me as if in disbelief that she could feel her leg. I said isn’t that amazing Thumbelina and her response was do it some more please. When we where done I helped her into her large crate and handed her her the chewy toy which she is still chewing on. Wow what a difference a village makes in a life so desperate for help. Thank you ALL for your support while we rehab Thumbelina.

thumbelina with chew toy a first thumbelina with chew toy 2

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