Thinking of adopting a Tortoise?


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Desert Tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) are curious and personable outdoor animals that offer a unique alternative to traditional family pets. If you’ve ever thought about adopting one of these cool creatures, here are 6 things you should know about the species before you adopt:

  1. Desert Tortoises are outdoor animals that enjoy helping in the yard, digging, eating, being with humans and their well-trained pets, and even coming inside for short visits, if they’re allowed (just remember, they must live outdoors).
  2. These magnificent animals can live 80-100 years. That’s a long time!
  3. Desert Tortoises must live outside in safe habitats with burrows. Your yard should have an area a minimum of 600 square feet in size with a big dry area for a burrow. The burrow should be in an area away from sprinklers, drainage areas, sidewalk runoffs and block walls.
  4. Don’t see your Desert Tortoise? These guys spend 95% of their time inside a burrow, cooling off during the summer and keeping warm in the winter.
  5. Desert Tortoises are vegetarians and should only eat nutrient-dense diet and plants (see for a list of edible, Tortoise-friendly plants). No pesticides should be used in the Tortoise habitat.
  6. Water should be available in the habitat at all times, and the water dish should be kept in the same place so your tortoise knows where to find it.tortoise in door wayTortoise


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