donate_hand donate_handAll donations are welcomes.  If you would like to donate a certain animal please make notes in Pay Pal on last page.  Thank you for your support.

Lover Boy post Surgery 1Lover Boy before surgery 2

This is Lover Boy, found abandoned in the streets of Apple Valley, he is an impressive scrapper.  Even though his toenails were curled under and the growth on his penis huge he managed to elude animal control for quite sometime.  When he was finally captured we swooped in, and took him to Dr. Jamie Velasco at Bear Valley Animal Hospital, where Lover Boy is still recuperating. You may also donate directly to Lover Boy at Bear Valley Animal Hospital

  • 20991 Bear Valley Rd
  • Apple Valley, CA 92308
  • Phone: (760) 240-5228

Happy Holidays!




Sounds of Silent Spirits is a 501 C3 charity started over 10 years ago when our two founders, Deb Henggeler and Regene Fdonate_handonville, saw the desperate need to secure a permanent sanctuary for injured Desert Tortoises.  This endeavor expanded to become a home for unwanted, or abandoned reptiles, and birds.  But we we never turn away a special needs animal.  To date we have over 50 tortoise and turtle enclosures that mimic each specie’s natural habitat.  Our other rescues consist of horses, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, and a variety of Birds.  Although Sounds of Silent Spirits has accomplished a great deal we still have lots to complete at our Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley, CA.  We need to build a few more aviaries, horse stalls, a winterized area for our hibernating Tortoises/Turtles, a new indoor snake and lizard habitat, and a new roof on the Barn.   We encourage and rely on your donations of time, money, and animal supplies of all kinds.


  1. Just wanted to check on Valentine. If you have not found a home for her please let me know.

    Charles Bonner
    Cathedral City, CA
    760 324 3273

  2. I am very interested in the Shih Tzu you have for adoption. I am a single senior and have lots of love to give. please contact me at 760.834.8489 or

    much thanks,


    • Dear Joey,
      I am so sorry that I didn’t see this sooner. I am very busy. Please feel free to call me at 760 228 2965. Please forgive my lateness.


    I need to know of a place that will take my dog, he was given to me but I cannot keep him where I am currently living. Name is coco, he is a pit mix 1 1/2, he is kind, loving, a good watch dog and kid friendly, he needs a good home & family to take care of him and give him lots of love & attention.

    • Bfly4_0925,

      While there are many great families that adopt pit mixes, it is important for you to know that many shelters are crowded with pit mix dogs. The best option is to find a home for the dog yourself.

      If you cannot find a home for your dog, contact a pit bull rescue in your area and ask them if they will host an ad for your dog and help you find a home.

      please feel free to email us at if you need help finding a pit bull organization in your area.

  4. Juliann Valencia

    Hello, Just wanted to see how Valentine is. My grandchildren and I spent many days with her at the vets. I made her a softbaby blue blanket and my grandbabies and I had fun shopping for little goodies for her. A strong bond grew between her and I. I recently went to see her but found out she was gone. I of-course was sad but I knew she was in a good place. I would like to know if I could come visit her once in awhile. I would love that. Please consider my request. I would greatly appreciate that. You can call me if you want to let me know cause I am just learning how to work these laptops. (760) 217-9144

  5. I sincerely support the just cause > & will always do !
    Thanks for letting me the oppertunity to know & signit.

  6. Hi, I’m doing my taxes and need to know if you are a 501c? Thanks!

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