March 5th 2013

This is Finch. Sounds of Silent Spirits found him tethered to our bird feeder last Friday. Finch had nearly chewed threw his leash and would have most likely been killed by the traffic that zooms by had not one of our Volunteers decided to check on the horses early that evening. As you can tell his foot had a festered tumor that went unchecked. Besides being outraged that someone in our community dumped this sweet boy, the cost has tapped out our emergency fund. So, we are asking our friends to help us pay for the surgery and rehab for Finch. By the way we named him that because was tied to the bird feeder. The cost so far is $500 all donations can be contributed directly to Bear Valley Animal Hospital. MAKE SURE you tell them it’s for Finch. 760-240-5228 Or if you prefer you can go directly directly to paypal on this site, please make sure you state that it’s for Finch in the notes.

We thank you for any contributions you can make. Any amount reduces the cost to save Finches paw.   finch  finch's paw Finch's foot

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