Winter 2012 Newsletter

Winter has come down upon us, fall apparently completely forgot us this year.  So we are battening down the hatches for a safe and warm winter here at  Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue and Sanctuary.  Along with this animal newsletter, we are asking for donations to continue our most basic rescue efforts this season.  Your donations go directly to further our spay/neutering, vaccines, and emergency medical attention for abused/abandoned cats, dogs and other pets that come into our Sanctuary.
__$10  __$25  __$50  __$100  ___other.    Your donation is Tax Deductible.  Thank you for your support. Donations can be made by PayPal  on our website and by mail:
PO Box 2198  Lucerne Valley CA 92356-2198

Car rides are fun!

Many of you are waiting to hear about Valentine, our amazing Pit Bull Terrier darling whom we had the honor along with all her supporters, of saving this past February.    She is doing quite well with her adult-sized prosthetic.   As you know Valentine came to us near death after a young man nearly tortured he.   Although her condition was heartbreaking, she has recovered because of all the outpouring of love and donation you provided.  If you haven’t met Valentine in person please be assured she very well-adjusted, full of love, and spoiled by our Founder and her husband.  Feel free to inquire about her via our website

yummy organic lettuce is good.

Our Tortoise/Turtle rescue population is also gearing down for a nice Winter hibernation. Their natural habitat enclosures will keep them safe during winter as well as the rest of the seasons.  The vegetation we planted in the forty, fairly new enclosures, has established itself beautifully creating lush natural surroundings for their comfort.

Buddies Forever


Two of our older horses finally found their forever home with another rescue where they can live out their lives in a lovely pasture setting in the safety of a small herd of other horses. Parker, another beautiful Arabian horse,  finally found his forever home with a gal who not only loves him but works with him daily, and he loves his new forever home.


Elvis the Iguana

We have some new additions to our animal population at the sanctuary this summer, Archie, a beautiful Aracauna Rooster, arrived after being rescued by some kind folks in the town Morongo who saw him wandering in the wild.   After no luck in finding who he belong to they called us.  He now lives in his own condo with the other our other fowl friends.   We also took in a few Iguanas who are looking for new forever homes; they too, along with Archie, are available for adoption.

Valentine teaching kids that abusing animals is wrong.

This Summer we did our first educational outreach program with The Boys and Girls Club in Yucca Valley CA.  Thank you Sam Handley for helping us start this campaign to teach children that it’s not okay to hurt, abuse, or neglect any animal.  We hope to cultivate more volunteers that would be interested in helping us facilitate this program.

Bionic Valentine

Overall, this year has been busier than normal but one thing that astounded us was the amazing outpouring of love and support  from people all over the world that cared about one very special little Pit Bull Terrier girl named Valentine. Also, a huge thanks to Second Harvest Food Bank, Purina and Del Monte for their generous food donations to feed our hungry and deserving animals here and in our community.  And for all the folks who have donated to us either by time, energy, monetary, or moral support you are awesome and we can’t do it without you.  You are all responsible in some way for giving the Silent Spirits a voice.

You can reach us anytime on and  we encourage your comments and support.

We wish all of you Merry Holidays, Regene Fonville and Volunteers

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