Nearing an end to 2013

christmas tortoises

This year has been filled with many successes.  We had our 2nd annual Valentine’s Day in June and it was even better than last years.  We thought it would be nice to get the children in our community to participate in our event.  So we had a coloring and a poster contest that we took to Lucerne Valley Elementary School a month before the event.  It was a wonderful success.  Our goal with this particular event is to educate our community on how to prevent animal abuse.  We invite neighboring animal rescues, and other animal advocates to come and participate at our event.   Sam was our Master of Ceremonies again and he did a fabulous job.  And of course Valentine and her Tortoise friends were a main attraction.  We had special guests District Attorney’s Office come and speak about reporting animal abuse with there new anonymous program, we-tip;  and Animal Action League came and talked about the importance of spay and neuter for dogs and cats.

Our Tortoise news:  Our natural habitat enclosures are doing really well with all the natural plants thriving, providing shade, vegetation, and protection.  The enclosures are segregated by sex so no procreation can occur.  We now have over two acres in total enclosure space and hope to add another half acre solely for our Sulcata Tortoise enclosure we hope to have built by the end of February.  We currently have a fund raiser for this enclosure at Indigogo  thank you Margy and Sam for your diligence and dedication to getting that up and running.

We are still transforming our barn into an awesome aviary for our fine feathered rescue friends.  This Aviary will be divided for species.  The new heights will allow them to actually fly, this will be awesome for our Macaws and other large birds.

Our reptile room is also slatted for expansion but funding for this project is still needed.  This room will have more area for our lizards, snakes, turtles.

Any contributions are welcomed, and easily done with our paypal icon.  You can specify where you want your donation to go.  May your Holidays and New Year be filled with love and Joy.



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