Rattle Snakes

Because of our lack of rain this year most likely we will see more snakes nearer to our homes.  Unfortunately this will include Rattlesnakes, in our neck of the desert Mojave’s are most common and the up most care should be taken when you encounter any kind of Rattlesnake.  We are huge fans of getting your dog trained to avoid these venomous reptiles.  Natural Solutions Rattlesnake avoidance training by Erick and Erin Brigg is our only choice as our experience with them is top notch.  They are also humane to the muzzled snakes they use.  All my personal dogs have had this training and not one has been bitten by a Mojave.  I have at least one visit in or near my large dog area a year so I can attest to the success of this training.  Here is a direct Link to Erick’s site http://socalrattlesnakeavoidancetraining.com/   Have a safe and fun Spring with your beloved companions.


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