Meet Thumbelina our Newest Rescue

Thumbelina Word press pic 1Yesterday I was notified that there was a disabled French Bulldog in Chula Vista that need a 501 3 C rescue pull.  My source is excellent so with out any photo I began a speedy request to become an authorized Rescue with the Animal Shelter.  Mind you when I say speedy that means about 5 to 6 hours from beginning to end.  And to no fault on either side, it’s what should be expected, a good vetting should have  hoops to jump to make sure we are worthy enough to be partnered with Chula Vista Animal Welfare Shelter.  We were obviously approved.  I want to add that Linda Septon is great at her job.  I love when I meet someone as committed to an animal’s welfare as I am.  I shared the vetting process that Linda had done with me by our President, Regene, and she too was impressed.

All that aside, lets get to the amazing Thumbelina !  Full of tender joy and hope she has already won my heart, the heart of Alex who picked her up in Chula Vista and transported, and the entire staff at the shelter.  Our friend Angela and I agreed that Thumbelina was an apt name for this tiny Frenchie who was pickup obviously lost in the streets of South Bay San Diego unable to move her rear hind quarters.   She has very impressive upper strength though.  So, her name reflex her journey and all the friends who helped her be safe and comfortable until we rescued her.

We have all the medical tests, X-Rays, and findings the doctor at shelter performed.   And we know for certain that she has some sever spinal problems. While waiting yesterday for approval to pull Thumbelina I found a DVM that also does Chiropractic and Acupuncture and made an appointment for Tuesday Morning.  We are hoping for the best as we have had excellent results in the past with spinal issues.

In the mean time our Thumbelina has very minimal area to move as we don’t want to aggravate or cause more injury.  She has a nice commercial rug in her outdoor  X-pen area where she enjoyed there quail and bunnies this late afternoon.  The rug is to make sure her footing is stable.  Only being 4 years young she has lots of French Bulldog energy.  She is quite comfortable in the Pen and her very large indoor crate.  She is sleeping as I compose this post.  Lots of new and exciting things out here at Yippee Ki Aye Doggie Hacienda for her to discover and enjoy.  This will be her foster home for a while until we have full assessment and rehabilitation. Then we will start the process of adopting her to her new forever home.

So here is the best we can hope for, that a series of homeopathic treatment along with western medicine and water therapy help her regain her mobility. Of course, there most likely will be some preventive therapy the rest of her life if this course of action is successful.  Next option would be possible laser treatments to help the damage to the spine. The other option is surgery but we are very wary of surgery and unless given 90 percent success rate we most likely will not attempt.  Lastly, would be to fit her properly with a go cart.  So she could race around and be as mobile as if she had legs with a few exception.

Before I forget her cute dress was courtesy of the folks at the Shelter along with a plush toy.   I have been told emphatically they will miss her very much.  We will love and cherish Thumbelina until she finds her forever home. I will share our findings and successes as we proceed.

We hope you will be encourage to share story with your friends.  And of course any and all donations are 100% tax deductible.  We have pay pal that you can access through our website here.  Or sending to S.O.S.S. P.O. Box 2198  Lucerne Valley CA 92356-2198.   REMEMBER to add in notes on PayPal that donation is for Thumbelina or Frenchie, or write on your check. Melissa Bacall / Adoption Coordinator

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