Thumbelina’s Visit to Dr. Jamie Velasco

I dream of walking with the other dogs.

I dream of walking with the other dogs.

First of all I have to share how awesome a traveler our Miss Thumbelina is.  That girl has traveled from Chula Vista to Poway to Joshua Tree to La Quina to Riverside to Joshua Tree to Apple Valley to Joshua Tree since Sunday.  Never complains, and never has accidents in her crate.

We awoke early today to head over to Sounds of Silent Spirits DVM in Apple Valley this morning.  Bear Valley Animal Hospital, has the most  wonderful team, from the front desk, vet techs, other staff, and of course Dr. Velasco we couldn’t be more pleased to call them our Primary DVM.

Dr. Velasco looked over Thumbelina and her extensive X-Rays.  And we all agreed that Laser treatments were an excellent course of action.  This is why; apparently Thumbelina’s disc ruptured between vertebra  4 and 5.  She would have been instantly paralyzed except for a narrowing of the spine, a fusion of sorts below the rupture that kept those two vertebra’s from slamming down on her spinal cord.  Kind of a miracle is all I am saying.

Dr. Velasco says that because of  where the ruptured occurred surgery might have to be address in the future, years maybe.  But, Class IV Deep Tissue Laser has had amazing results with all the Dachshunds Dr. Velasco has worked on.  He had a Dachshund who hadn’t walked for nearly a year before coming into Dr. Velasco.  That Doxie is fulling mobile now with out a cart. So, I am the optimist and believe with all your well wishes that this young healthy girl Thumbelina can over come her issues. So, don’t be afraid to send your well wishes for her.

Here’s the plan, Thumbelina will be treated with Laser three times daily today through Saturday, returning Monday to begin a every other day treatment still consisting of three treatments per day,  for the next three to four weeks.  In the mean time she has been measured for a Cart donated by Mrs. Abu Badu, Thank you Angela.  Thumbelina will start using this cart immediately, what the cart does besides the obvious and more importantly, facilitates the

repairing and rebuilding of her atrophied rear legs. The proper measurements insure that her weight is kept off her spinal area but that her feet can lightly tread if she wants to use them.

It’s so amazing all the wonderful things out their to help spinal injuries.  Lastly, Dr. Velasco would like some water therapy so I hope to have the spa up and running soon.  Check out our for our YouTube links to see Thumbelina’s progress.

All Donations for Thumbelina are 100% tax deductable.  Our PayPal link is at the top of page in menu, or mail to Sounds of Silent Spirits (SOSS), PO Box 2198, Lucerne Valley CA 92356-2198.  PLEASE note that your donation is specifically for Thumbelina or Frenchie.

Thank you,

Melissa Bacall, Adoption Coordinator.

Thumbelina will also visit Holistic DVM at 8am tomorrow in Redlands for her first Accupunture treatment.  Like I said this girl can travel.

We hope to see some results by Saturday, But we have been given strick instructions to keep her immobile as much as possible through the weekend.  Any falling or rolling can be very counter productive.

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