Thumbelina gets some wheels

Good Afternoon Everyone.  Click on the YouTube link to view new video of Thumbelina’s new wheels.

I have been busy transporting Thumbelina back and forth to her Laser Therapy this week.  Her and I have logged 1595 miles by today’s end.  today’s photo is this mornings sunrise on the black mesa as we started our journey.  IMG_0368

Tumbelina is showing some slight improvement.  Dr. Velasco will assess her improvement this coming Monday.  Tomorrow we get to stay home and rest.  We will do some ball exercises with help her build up her core/stomach muscles. This is a great substitute for water therapy especially in this cold weather.  Thumbelina’s legs are moving independently but we are under strict instructions not to push or try anything until Dr. Velasco says so.  As you can see she’s trying to figure out the red wagon that Mr. and Mrs. Abu Badu’s donated.  If you could share this blog we would appreciate the fan base.  We are hoping to get much needed donations of any size for Thumbelina’s medical bills.  At this point we are hoping that the laser then acupuncture will stave off surgery but surgery could have to be done to fuse her 4th and 5th vertebra. Our donate info is above, click on how you can help.



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