What a difference a week makes, Thumbelina’s progress

Thumbelina in her cart wordpress 3Well, today we went for Thumbelina’s 6th laser treatment and to get medication for her UTI.  Apparently this kind of injury usually brings on Bladder infections as part of the course.  We caught it immediately so she hasn’t been in too much discomfort.  She actually stood today on her own.  Not for very long but WOW what a difference a week of laser treatments can make.  Dr. Velasco is sure she will walk again.  But it could take up to 8 weeks of treatments.  The cart that was so graciously donated by Mrs. Abu Badu is making all the difference.  Thumbelina has adjusted to it and is making great use of it.  As you can see in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVAQHSPZm0Q she is now actually moving her rear legs independently.  Baby steps but nonetheless spectacular changes since we pulled her from Chula Vista on Sunday the 18th.

Only a 501 C 3 charity could pull her from the Animal control facility because of her severe injury to her spine. On January 13th Animal Control picked her up off the streets as she was dragging her legs behind her.  We will never know how or why she ended up alone on that street but she will never have to be abandoned or alone again.

Dr. Velasco has said surgery was a waste of time so we are thrilled to know that we won’t have to come up with $8000 dollars for that!  But we can sure still use any donation you might want to give.  Remember all donations are 100% tax right off.  As of today our closest estimation for the cost of Laser is $1,160 and follow up of acupuncture $568, a total equaling $1,728.  So any donation is thankfully welcomed.  We figure if we could be 400 individuals to donate $5 that would be perfect. The more that this blog is shared the more chance we have of meeting that goal.  Thumbelina and Sounds of Silent Spirits thanks you.
NOTE: Please indicate on your check or PayPal that the donation is for Thumbelina.

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