Don’t be blue about leaving your loved ones at home.

cat dog in holiday hats 2015
Bring your pet with your when you travel for the holidays

Just because you’re traveling for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to leave your pooch at home! A great way to include your beloved pet in your holiday traditions this year is to bring them with you, no matter where you travel to over the holidays. Most hotels, even the highest-end hotels, are pet-friendly now, and if you’re staying with family, it’s even less of a concern. By bringing your pet with you to your holiday travel destination, they’ll be part of the holiday action, just like they would be in your own home.

Of course they should be use to traveling.  Our doggies particularly like Motel 6 because they are all laid out the same.  I have seen fellow pet lovers with their cats, guinea pigs, and other small animals at Motel 6 as well.

Safe travels and enjoy the holiday season.


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