What to do when you find an injured tortoise


These guidelines are for you to stabilize the injured tortoise or turtle until you can get to a proper rescue or reptile Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine.  These reptiles are hardy and fighters so don’t assume the animal can’t be helped.

  1. If you spot a wandering tortoise in the desert please leave alone, it’s not lost, it lives there. It’s very illegal to harass, or remove a tortoise from it’s habitat. Enjoy but leave it it be.
  2. find a clean cardboard box and place the tortoise/turtle inside.
  3. make the best of assessment of the injury.
  4. If there is an open wound cover with clean damp cloth.  Change dressing as needed.
  5. if you live in the high desert of SoCal, you can contact us via, http:/www.soundsofsilentspirits.org  or http:/www.Facebook.com/soundsofsilentspirits.  All our contact info is on both pages. Also, anywhere in the north America you can call Fish and Game in your state or province.   In all of California there is the Tortoise Club http://www.tortoise.org/  otherwise, call local animal shelter in your county to help you find support.
  6. The most important thing is to keep the injured tortoise/turtle in a clean cardboard box, sized accordingly.  Place in a quiet, shaded to dark spot in the house until you can get it the help it needs. If it’s a turtle put a wet towel on one side for it’s comfort.
  7. Lastly, you can contact us if you can’t find help no matter what state you are in, and we will do our best to get you in direct contact with appropriate people.

Share and educate the world.  Thank you, Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue and Sanctuary

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