Franky the Frenchie

Oh poor Frankie! Little did his owner know that the fun filled evening of ruff housing would result in Frankie, a 2 y/o French Bulldog, waking in pain and the inability to use his hind legs. By morning Frankie was panting in great pain and unable to walk. He had apparently injured his spine sailing off the sofa. Frankie was rushed to his vet who recommended a course of 6 laser treatments over the next two weeks to reduce inflammation and pain.

Unfortunately, two weeks later Frankie was still dragging his legs and not able to right his feet when knuckled under. Another vet another course of action. This time they tried a holistic approach including acupuncture and electric stimulation. The vet and owner were very disappointed to see no improvement.

Now faced with the horrible decision of a costly surgery, which was out of the question, or put him down Frankie found himself surrendered to us. Fearing we had already passed the window of opportunity we raced Frankie to Dr Wayne Berry in Irvine. Dr. Berry specializes in both medical and surgical neurology. Within hours Frankie was in surgery for a myelogram and spinal surgery to repair the damage. Hours later I received a call from Dr Berry. He was surprised to see the myelogram revealed only mild spinal cord compression. Conscious of our imited rescue funds Dr Berry advised complete crate rest for the next 3-4 weeks to see if Frankie would regain the use of his legs.

Success! Frankie is now up and walking. He now has a continental swagger all his own but he is walking and no longer in pain. Now comes the hard part. Even though Frankie did not have surgery, the myelogram ran us $1,816.00.

Please help us recover the cost of saving Franky by visiting our ChipIn Page.  Any amount helps.


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